Freshen Up is an all-natural line of plant-based deodorizing products. We offer handcrafted, and luxurious travel-friendly products that are hypoallergenic and free of toxic chemicals. Growing up in the Caribbean exposed me to an organic way of living. Whether it was a lack of access or lack of affordability, necessity forced my family into a culture of “make your own”. It was when my daughter began her journey into puberty, that I sought out chemical free, child friendly deodorants…to no avail. That’s when I decided I would create my own, thus birthing Freshen Up.


We are a company intent on reducing the toxic load on our customers and the planet, by delivering a 100% natural alternative to the conventional deodorant and antiperspirant. Our products have been carefully so that customers receive a truly natural, clean experience via socially responsible and sustainable practices.


First off, body odor is normal. Yes…you heard right! However, ‘the Stink’ as we like to call it, isn’t. The Stink occurs when bacteria, which are a part of the human body’s natural ecosystem, eat the fatty acids contained in your sweat, and excrete a substance that smells unpleasant. For generations, the ‘normal’ way to treat body odor would be to use a conventional deodorant or antiperspirant. What we know today is that these options are not healthy as they function by blocking your sweat ducts. This prevents sweat from reaching the skin’s surface, where bacteria would feed. Some even contain ingredients that block the parasympathetic nerves themselves from producing sweat.

 At Freshen Up we encourage sweating. Why? Because it is normal and very necessary. Sweating helps regulate our body’s temperature and removes toxic waste. So instead of making a product that goes against nature, we created ones that work in unison. We pride ourselves on providing 100% naturally handcrafted goodness that work in harmony with the body’s pH to cleanse while simultaneously nourishing and restoring balance – using organic and plant extract blends of essential oils, to create a natural aroma to each product.