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6 Key Benefits of Aluminum Free Deodorant

There 2 main reasons why we use deodorants: odor prevention and sweat control. But do you know that you absolutely don’t need aluminum to accomplish these two things. It’s easy to feel skeptical about switching your beloved toiletries for an something new. But the key is to first understand how natural deodorants work, this way the benefits of aluminum free deodorant is better embraced.

Let’s dive into how plant-based deodorants is a great option to mitigate odor and sweat production, as well as explore some other benefits you may not have considered. Sometimes it takes a little more convincing to change something so important, like your deodorant.

Here are six reasons to switch your deodorant for something more natural:

Lady wiping sweat from her face

1. Sweat can still be controlled

Not prevented or blocked – but controlled. In fact, we are actually in the business of promoting healthy sweating, and while this may be confusing as we are in the deodorant business (and we have been groomed by the corporate conglomerates to equate ‘stop sweat’ with deodorant products).  As a matter of fact, this is the true function antiperspirants aka aluminum deodorants – to stop sweating. Blocking sweat is no bueno, and should absolutely not be practiced. Sweating is a natural, healthy and in fact, necessary process for your body. Instead, many natural deodorants incorporate greener ingredients (like arrowroot powder and clays) that allow you to keep sweat in check without the use of aluminum, and other metals. And, oh – many people actually tend to sweat less over time after they switch to a natural deodorant.

2. Control odor with natural ingredients

I can’t go any further without shedding light on one huge myth about antiperspirants. It makes you smell better – not quite true. Sorry to be the bearer of shocking news. In fact, Aluminum based deodorants make you smell worse.  I know it sounds totally extra terrestrial, but consider this: antiperspirants block sweat and destroys the healthy bacteria living in our underarms, disrupting the natural biome of the underarms. Studies have shown this allows for aggressive and odor-intensive bacteria to appear even more. The true culprit of funking. Which then creates and fosters our complete dependency on the very products that cause body odor in the first place.  Essential oils, aloe vera, baking soda are just few of the natural ingredients that have been shown to effectively provide odor protection. Some natural brands, like Freshen Up, go a step further and utilize the deodorant spray method to limit contact contamination, which can further encourage stubborn odor causing bacteria to thrive.

3. Reduce your risk of Breast Cancer

In case you haven’t already heard about the facts around aluminum, it’s a metal found in many toiletries, and has been particularly popular in deodorants. In fact, it isn’t difficult to find antiperspirants on drugstore or grocery store shelves– it’s that common. Despite its popularity, the metal has been in the spotlight for it’s possible link to Breast Cancer, as well as Alzheimer’s disease. Though research lacks conclusive evidence that directly links the deadly disease to aluminum, there are 2 troubling facts we do know. One: ¾ of the lymphatic system drains into the Left underarm. Our lymphatic system aids the body in the removal toxins and heavy metals like aluminum. Two: breast cancer is more common in the Left breast than the right.  Again, the scientific world cannot provide any concrete reason for this, however we cannot ignore the common denominator of aluminum-based deodorants. So much so, that many medical and holistic practitioners have pointed to our Left underarm toxin drainage as a very probable connection.  If these are two things you don’t want to risk, swapping to a natural deodorant will remove the dangerous ingredient from your body.

freshen up deodorant toner next to a row of pink rose petals

4. Little to no irritants

If you have sensitive skin especially, you may notice that deodorants – or at least some of them – irritate your skin or cause redness in the area they’re applied, and it can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. With a natural deodorant, the ingredients are gentler on the skin, and healthier, too. Not to mention, natural deodorants also tend to contain moisturizing ingredients and agents, so your skin is protected and soothed, and this can allow a closer shave as well if you choose to shave your armpits. Plus, natural deodorants don’t contain synthetic fragrances, which are known to cause skin irritation.

5. Your pores aren’t blocked

We’ve already mentioned that regular deodorants contain lots of different ingredients and compounds, and many of these can be pore-clogging, meaning they sit in small holes (pores) around the skin, and this can cause problems. Because natural deodorants don’t clog your pores, (some even contain ingredients that promote gentle exfoliation of the skin, like Paw Paw Yo deodorant toner), healthy bacteria can help to combat the sweat your body produces, so you’ll be less smelly, even when you’re not wearing a deodorant.

6. The yellow stains will go, too

Have you ever been left with a nasty, frustrating yellow stain on a white top or dress just before you’re about to leave the house, and had to change all because you got a little bit of deodorant on your clothes? Well, you can say goodbye to this problem, as the absence of aluminum in your deodorant also means that those stains will be gone forever. Now you’ll never have to worry about being too cautious with your application; just apply as much or as little suits you, without fear of stains.

lady holding 1 deodorant in each hand by a toiletry aisle

Before you go rushing out to purchase your aluminum free deodorant, get familiar with how your body may react to this change. It’s bigger than you might consider, and often take several weeks for your body to adjust. So don’t be alarmed when you are extra smelly and sweaty during this time.

Of course, once you have gotten used to natural deodorant, you’ll know that it’s just as effective as any other, if not better, but it can still be difficult to trust something new.

That’s why we’ve created a deodorant regimen, equipped with all the products you will need to help you easily make the switch to natural deodorant, without interruption of your busy lifestyle. Try our Natural Deodorant Transition Kit today, and enjoy the rest of your life using safe and effective natural deodorant.

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