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DIY Armpit Detox: Bentonite Clay Armpit Detox vs Apple Cider Vinegar Armpit Detox

Don’t you wish you could wave a magic wand, and voila- your body is fully adjusted to natural deodorants? No rambunctious body odor, No excessive sweating, No side effects- period! I’m certain the resounding response would be ‘hell yes’. While you won’t be able to totally avoid symptoms of the transition to natural deodorant, you can make the process more pleasant by incorporating an armpit detox in your personal care routine.

DIY armpit detox your way to a successful natural deodorant transition

Many of us women are partaking in the trend towards becoming more active and physically fit. Whether it be hitting the gym, practicing hot yoga or simply taking on hiking, women are working up a sweat. With this, naturally comes a larger focus on healthy and safe skincare. The last thing you want to be worried about is your natural deodorant leaving you a sweaty, smelly mess while trying to completely move away from your chemical-based deodorant.

You should not have to compromise your health for the sake of feeling fresh. That’s why I am here today to deliver two simple armpit detoxes you can make at home, that will leave your underarms in prime condition for the natural deodorant transition. The first is a Bentonite Clay armpit detox mask, and the second is an Apple Cider Vinegar armpit detox mask. Armpit detoxes aid in removing toxins from beneath the surface of the skin, as well as act as reinforcement to boost the efficacy of your natural deodorant.

Next level underarm skincare

It is crucial that we help our bodies’ get rid of the junk that conventional deodorant contains, and armpit detox is one of the ways we can rectify the damage. Considered it your way of showing your underarms some extra TLC. Plus, this helping hand to our natural detoxifying mechanism encourages a shorter transition period.

Below is a list of the top unsafe ingredients you should be paying attention to:

  • Aluminum – linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s, though governing bodies report there isn’t enough evidence to support these claims. You can read more in this article
  • Phthalates – are used as lubricants/ softeners. These chemicals re linked to endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive toxicity. It’s important to note they have been banned from cosmetics in the European Union, but still remain prevalent in U.S. products.
  • Parabens – are a group of chemicals used as artificial preservatives. Scientific studies suggest that parabens can disrupt hormones in the body, harm reproductive organs, affect, and increase the risk of cancer. They can also cause skin irritation. Moreover, nearly all urine samples taken from adults in the U.S. has shown traces of parabens. Here’s a link to the study if you wish to learn more.

Choosing the best DIY detox method for your needs

Whether you are a natural deodorant newbie or a veteran, your underarms and your body as a whole, would greatly benefit from a detoxing routine. But where to do you start? I’ve simplified the selection process and picked the top two armpit detoxes that is easily acquired at your local grocery, Target, and drug stores. Also, they are super easy to make- you don’t need to be Martha Stuart to be able to whip up either of these two armpit detox masks.

Other factors like convenience, affordability and overall performance will also be discussed. You will walk away eager to get started on an underarm detox regimen.

Here’s a visual breakdown of the differences between two DIY armpit detox masks, followed by a description of each.

[ux_image id=”995″]

Bentonite clay armpit detox

Clay masks have been around for centuries, with bentonite clay being among the most common. You won’t break the bank with this purchase. In fact, you get bang for your buck with this investment. Beside its proven ability to absorb toxins, especially heavy metals like Aluminum, and remove them from your skin. Bentonite clay detox masks are also quite soothing, it can calm irritated skin. This mask can also be something fun to do with your partner or friends.


  • Mildly exfoliates the skin
  • Kills odor causing bacteria
  • Deep clean pores
  • Gentle on sensitive skin


  • Requires a small amount of work; needs to be mixed with water
  • Drying time can be from 5 to 10 minutes
  • Not the most convenient

Apple cider vinegar armpit detox

If you are looking for a zero-effort detox mask, then apple cider vinegar is what you need. Now while this is a huge plus for us busy bodies, it does come with some downsides. Because of its high acidity, apple cider vinegar can damage your skin. This feature also gives its anti-inflammatory aspect making it a good detoxifier. But on the flip side, it also has the power to restore proper pH levels to your underarms. Similar to the bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar has a low price point.


  • Helps keep the stink at bay
  • No manipulation needed; can be used straight out of the bottle
  • Dries almost immediately
  • Doesn’t not require washing off


  • Smell can be unpleasant for some
  • The acidity may irritate the skin
  • Not the most convenient

And the winner is…

Bentonite Clay Armpit Detox Mask! While this detox requires preparation and more of your time, the overwhelming benefits makes it the clear choice. The top one being its ability to remove heavy metals from the skin. This simple, completely natural, and cost-effective DIY armpit detox mask has been shown to remove Aluminum.

The reason most of us consider going natural is because of the harmful toxins in traditional deodorants puts our health at risk. The Toxic Beauty Podcast engages in a riveting dialogue surrounding this matter. So, just this fact alone gives the Bentonite clay armpit detox mask the huge edge.

Another huge bonus, a shorter and more pleasant natural deodorant transition period. It’s like a game of Monopoly, and you scored the chance card to advance to Go!! And don’t forget your $200. In this case- your successful cross-over to the natural side. Makes me want to chant: winner winner, chicken dinner.

You can confidently make the switch to natural

If you’re are ready to take the big step of removing synthetic deodorants from your skincare routine, and would like to fast track your journey to the natural side. I invite you to try making your own bentonite clay armpit detox mask. This DIY armpit detox mask will provide the help you need to have a more pleasant transition to natural deodorant.

The Bentonite Clay Armpit Detox Mask will help you remove harmful toxins, including Aluminum from your underarm lymph nodes.

Visit to get the recipe for a simple yet effective DIY Armpit Detox Mask, and get started on your natural journey today.

Our goal at Freshen Up is to help you have an easier transition period, so that you make the switch to natural deodorant, and not to have to go back to your chemical-based deodorant.

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