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All Natural Skincare for Underarms

Post-Workout Deodorizing Skincare Kit



Meet the instant relief for your skin after sweating and intense heat. Sweat, odor bacteria, and dirt can easily linger on the skin. That’s why it’s important to have a few key hygiene items in your gym bag to help you feel refreshed and clean after a sweaty session.

Featuring a set of our three signature, high-performance products in travel sizes:
  • 3 pk refresher wipes (9ct wipes)
  • 1 deodorant toner
  • 1 body powder

*All of our products are 100% natural, FREE of aluminum, baking soda, talc and artificial fragrance*


Wipe it Away: Deodorizing Refresher Bamboo Wipes

Our refresher wipes are ready to take flight to sweat wherever you are – after workouts, extra hot days, travel. Whatever the reason needed for a quick refresh, these bamboo wipes effectively and conveniently freshens without stripping skin.

      • Made with hypoallergenic bamboo cloth
      • Refresh naturally on-the-go
      • Dries clear, non-sticky, and feels weightless
      • Does not leave any residue


Neutralize it: Paw Paw Yo Deodorant Toner 

Our deodorant toner not only neutralizes odor, but achieves toned pits through the processes of purifying, exfoliating, and pH balancing your underarms with it’s unique formula.

      • Aluminum & baking soda free
      • Inhibit growth of odor-causing bacteria
      • Restores the pH balance of your underarms
      • Dries clear, non-sticky, and feels weightless

Soak it Up: Cool Dust Body Powder

Our body powder is made with naturally absorbent tapioca powder to tackle excess moisture, and odor-neutralizing slippery elm, and is refreshingly scented with calendula and lavender flowers.

      • Talc free
      • Easy no-mess application
      • Keeps skin soft, dry and comfortable
      • Prevents chaffing and irritation
      • Doubles as a dry shampoo


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