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Make Your Own Bentonite Clay Armpit Detox Mask

If you’re a regular reader, you know by now that we stan for armpit detox masks. Detox masks, even those we can make for ourselves like a simple Bentonite clay armpit detox, are the key to successful natural deodorant transition. Our goal is to spread the word about this natural wonder, so you too can join us Fresh Frens on the natural side.

Today we will share will you’re an easy, yet super effective armpit detox mask you can make at home. The best part is- it only requires 2 ingredients! Bentonite clay mixed with water.

Hard to believe that uncomplicated DIY skincare exists, right? Take a look at the following recipe card. It tells you exactly what you need and how to prepare this detox mask. Next, we will break down why we are bentonite armpit detox fans.

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Why Bentonite Clay Armpit Detox

Clay masks have been around for centuries, with bentonite clay being among the most common. You won’t break the bank with this purchase. In fact, you get bang for your buck with this investment. Beside its proven ability to absorb toxins, especially heavy metals like Aluminum, and remove them from your skin. Bentonite clay detox masks are also quite soothing, it can calm irritated skin. This mask can also be something fun to do with your partner or friends.

The good

  • Mildly exfoliates the skin
  • Kills odor causing bacteria
  • Deep clean pores
  • Gentle on sensitive skin

The not so good

  • Requires a small amount of work; needs to be mixed with water
  • Drying time can be from 5 to 10 minutes
  • Not the most convenient

Frequently asked Bentonite Clay Armpit Detox Questions

How often can you use this armpit detox?

I recommend using your detox mask once per week during the transition period. Then at least twice a month after that period.

Can I add essential oils to this clay detox mask?

Yes. Feel free to add 1-2 drops of any essential oil of your choosing. Geranium and Lavender are my favorites.

What is your favorite bentonite clay?

I love the Redmond brand (found here) best. As with trying something new, always perform a patch test to check for sensitivity.

Can you use this DIY armpit detox on your face?

Yes, you can treat your face to this detoxifying mask. In fact, this would fit right into your existing self-care routine. As always, perform a sensitivity check before going fully in.

Ready, Set – Detox

Still not sure if it’s necessary to do a Bentonite Clay armpit detox, or you may have missed our break down on the importance of detoxing in the natural deodorant transition, our founder Terri wrote about her journey with natural deodorants. She shared her story to give hope to others who may be fearful of switching or doubting their decision to switch.

Head over to to read why Terri considers armpit detox is the Holy Grail to natural deodorant transition.

Let Freshen Up get you on the road to switching to natural deodorant with the help of this simple Bentonite Clay Armpit Detox mask today.

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