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The Key to a Successful Natural Deodorant Transition

For many active women, the thought of natural deodorant transition can be downright scary. For many years you relied on Dove antiperspirant or Lady Speed Stick, and now you ready to make to make the switch. But, you’re hesitant, even with knowing all the benefits of switching to a natural deodorant, because you’ve heard about the dreaded transition sweat and smell. I am here to share my natural deodorant transition journey, and how you can successfully survive the transition, without changes to your active lifestyle. What’s the secret? Armpit detox!

Two Words – Armpit Detox

Yup, let me repeat myself- armpit detox is where the freshness resides. When we think of detoxes, we generally associate it with drinking teas or green smoothies, and ingesting colon cleansers. However, somewhere throughout years, we neglected the benefits of a traditional face mask on our underarms. Here’s my journey to natural deodorant.

I overlooked the secret sauce to going natural

When I decided to ditch my chemical deodorant, I thought I was fairly knowledgeable about the ins-and-outs of natural deodorant. Mainly because I had exposure to natural remedies at one point during my puberty years. Well, I was wrong. For those who may not know my story, I had a traumatic battle with high perspiration and odor during my childhood. Followed by a breast cancer scare at the age of 20. The Behind the Brand blog post details my journey and the driving force to seek healthier alternatives both the inside and out for my body.

The days of Switching back and forth

I started with the ‘natural’ deodorants that were available on the market at the time. Yes, I put natural in quotes because now I am an avid label reader and have spent time researching ingredients.  Harmful substances like potassium aluminum, alcohol and fragrance are some of the few you should look out for. By the way, EWG’s Skin Deep, is a great resource for determining if your skincare product is ‘naturally inspired’- aka toxic. But this rant is for a future blog post; let me get back to the main subject at hand.

So long story short, I joined the crew of the natural deodorant flip-floppers. I constantly switched back and forth between my trusted chemical-laden deodorant to the disappointing, underperforming natural ones. Nothing was working, and I was growing frustrated. It was during a conversation with my aunty Sheila, where she gave me instructions to bring her back Noni juice from my trip back home, that I was reminded of the power of natural remedies. Mind you, they were selling noni tonics in the health stores in Brooklyn, but she insisted on getting it from Tobago. She was a cancer survivor who proudly boasted about the wonders of the noni fruit.

Armpit Detox- The secret weapon in your natural deodorant transition

Still, it wasn’t until my trip back home to the beach, that the epiphany surrounding armpit detox was triggered. Though I hadn’t been to the beach in years, my muscle memory kicked in. First take a stroll along the shore line, then sit in the sand and rub the wet mixture all over my body- including my underarms. A local old timer passed by while I was getting my rub on, and commented, “You come back home to get that good beach clean out.” I remember looking up at him in pure bewilderment. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. My mom regularly took me to the beach when I was transitioning to natural deodorant in my younger days, and she made sure to always give a good scrubbing with the sandy mixture. She was using it to detox my body.

Wet sand is a natural exfoliant, as it rubs away dead skin cells when applied to your body. It possesses major rejuvenating qualities by helping clear pores, and heal dermatitis.

From that moment I realized the importance of underarm detoxes and why my transition was riddled with frustration. I continued beach scrubs aka clean outs for the rest of the week, and the last day I noticed that my odor and sweating was drastically reduced. It was now the beginning of week three of my transition period and I seemed to have to made it safely over to the natural side.

Not only did I make it over, I noticed it shortened the length of time in which it typically takes.

Just call me the Ditch Specialist

After a successful transition to natural deodorant, I was also able to successfully transition my husband and other family members. The key was incorporating an armpit detox routine. All reported tolerable side effects and had average transition period of less than 4 weeks.

Wet sand was not at my disposal at that time, as I couldn’t bring the beach back with me to the US. Trust when I say- I would if I could. Instead, I explored other ingredients which led me to using clay. Apart from wet sand, silt from the river banks were also commonly used by villagers on my island to cleanse the skin.

Clay- The comeback kid

Even though armpit detox is relatively new, many cultures worldwide have been practicing geotherapy, pelotherapy, cataplasms and mud baths for centuries.

This new generation of millennials is making underarm detoxes trendy. They are actively seeking out products that do not comprise health for the sake of beauty. In fact, many natural skincare brands are incorporating education in their ethos. Using tools like this podcast on Harmful Skincare Ingredients we encounter every day. So it’s no surprise to see this new curiosity with armpit detox as they are the leading proponent in the shifting towards natural deodorants.

So how hard can switching be?

Quite challenging in fact, especially without the right tools. You would think all it takes is simply swapping out the traditional toxic deodorant/ antiperspirant for a natural one. In most cases this is simply not enough.

At the beginning, of the transition period, you may experience no physical symptoms. But as your body continues to detox, raging odor and sweating inevitably takes over. I provide a week by week break down of the transition period in the Switching to Natural Deodorant: Know Before You Go blog post.

You can do this- We’ve got you!

If you’re are ready to take the big step of removing synthetic deodorants from your skincare routine, and found value from my story about the importance of armpit detox that I discussed in this post. I have created the perfect product to help you have a more pleasant transition to natural deodorants.

The Freshen Up Underarm Detoxifying Mask will help you successfully make it through the transition period, and using an armpit detox will provide a more pleasant transition to natural deodorants.

Visit to grab the Underarm Detoxifying Mask now and get started today.

And we’ll get you on the road to switching to natural deodorant with our secret weapon, underarm detox mask, quick.

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