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Non Toxic Deodorant – 5 Things To Know

Do natural deodorants work? Is a non toxic deodorant effective as the conventional ones? There’s always a great deal of skepticism when coming to trying something new, so I can only imagine how unsure you might be to try natural deodorants. Whatever the reason, you are curious about natural deodorants. You have been dying to try natural deodorants. Still, you’ve heard mixed reviews about their performance, and as such, you’re dubious. In today’s blog post, we will discuss if natural deodorants work, how they differ from drug store brand deodorants, and how they perform.

 What is a non toxic deodorant?

When you use the term deodorant, you refer to a skincare product that helps keep your underarms smelling fresh. So, unlike antiperspirants that block your pores to inhibit sweat production, a deodorant works to neutralize the odor causing bacteria on the skin’s surface.

What constitutes a deodorant being ‘labelled’ as Natural?

In short, natural deodorants are usually made without aluminum and alcohol. I must note that the FDA does not have an official definition for the word “natural” even when it pertains to natural beauty products. So, you are most likely to hear of multiple definitions for this term.

You’ve likely heard all sorts of claims on why you should use natural deodorant, and the name Aluminum has been at the forefront. It has long been speculated that aluminum-based deodorants contribute to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. However, a systematic review has shown no conclusive evidence showing a link between the two diseases and aluminum-based antiperspirant. But my family and I are not willing to take that gamble. We were not ready to risk the experts being wrong. And I know you aren’t prepared to take that chance either. Additionally, knowing antiperspirant work by clogging our sweat glands was enough for me to seek a safer and better alternative.

Alcohol is incorporated in deodorants for its antibacterial properties. Sounds harmless right? Not quite- it kills both good and bad bacteria and leaves the skin dry and irritated. Healthy skin is home to a diverse array of bacteria, and we should not attempt to wipe them out entirely. Even if you agree that chemicals in antiperspirant don’t pose a severe health risk to you, they may be irritating.

Body odor removal, does it really help?

For healthy and fresh underarms, the skin’s natural bacteria must remain in balance. Natural deodorants typically use a combination of gentle antibacterial and sweat absorbing ingredients to mimic the conventional deodorant. Non toxic deodorant do not block sweat. Instead, it utilizes ingredients like cornstarch and arrowroot powder to absorb sweat, reducing the visible evidence of excess sweat, and the wet feeling in your underarms.

Coconut oil is another popular ingredient found in natural deodorants. It is proven to effectively kill odor causing bacteria on the skin and the added benefit of being able to prevent dry and cracked pits. Dry deodorant sticks can leave skin irritated and sore. Imagine applying a stick of face cream- it wouldn’t be able to do its job very well sitting on the surface of your skin, would it? It is so important that the ingredients be able to effortlessly absorbed into the skin keeping it healthy and soft. Other active ingredients such as magnesium, and sodium bicarbonate provide adequate antibacterial coverage on the surface. Key to the body odor removal process.

 You really want to know if non toxic deodorant is reliable- Right?

Yes- natural deodorants effectively provide odor relief; however, they take time to work. Natural doesn’t mean less effective it often means not immediate. As a society, we have grown accustomed to instant gratification, or Amazon Prime mentality, as I like to call it. Was Amazon Prime built overnight? No, it wasn’t.

Another example: I liken the transition to natural deodorants to a weight-loss journey. Not because we stopped eating junk food, and picked up a healthier diet and started working out that you will see results the next day. Your body has to adjust to its new norm, and this requires time. But once you keep at it, the results will eventually start to show.

It’s the exact scenario when you ditch your chemical deodorant. The body goes through a settling and rebalancing period while it adjusts to being able to sweat naturally. I actually break down this transition period week by week in my blog post ‘Switching to Natural Deodorant- Know Before You Go’. You can read more here.

Now, It may mean you would have to reapply your deodorant throughout the day or use a complimentary product to get additional coverage, and that’s ok. I prefer to put in a little more work now than risk possible health issues due to chemical deodorants.

It gets better- I promise

This period doesn’t last forever. Once you get over this hurdle, you will notice that your body doesn’t require much deodorant usage. Yes, this is your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; you end up not needing to rely on your deodorant.

So, be patient and less judgmental of your body, and allow it time to adjust. So anytime you are thinking about switching back to your synthetic deodorant, remember Amazon Prime wasn’t established overnight, or a week, or two. Catch the drift?!

Amazon Prime pits please-  This item is Unavailable, sorry

You now know you can’t “Prime” your armpits; however, no one wants to be a funky and smelly subconscious mess. Freshen Up offers a complete line of deodorizing products. It is specifically designed to help you survive your day naturally, so you don’t have to switch back to synthetic deodorants.

So if you are wanting to learn more about our non toxic deodorant products, download  our FREE natural deodorant e-book: Sweat The Good Stuff. It’s comprehensive guide of what products we offer and how to incorporate them into your hygiene routine

Hope to see you on the natural side.

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