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Switching to Natural Deodorant: Know Before You Go

Switching to natural deodorant isn’t a seamless process, as one might think. It’s a journey; one that has highs and lows. Picture a two-year-old toddler throwing an epic tantrum because you took their candy away in exchange for fruit. This reaction is precisely how your body responds to your audacity to remove the toxic routine it has grown accustomed. In today’s blog, I will break down the transition period to be better prepared and aware of the changes to come. 

So far, so good – I feel no side effects

Week 1

You’ve taken the leap and stopped using antiperspirant and switched to a natural deodorant, and nothing is happening. You think this natural deodorant transition thing is a piece of cake, and what was the fuss all about. You smell like your usual odorless self.

Though you are not exhibiting physical symptoms, your body has already begun taking steps to initiate the purge. You will experience increased growth in odor-causing bacteria in the underarm area. Your sweat glands are also ramping up production in preparation to dispose of the toxins that have been taking up residence in your underarms.  

Oh no, my underarm stink

Week 2

This week is where most people begin to second guess their decision to go natural. Everything was going fine, then all of a sudden, you are smelling body odor. In week two of the transition period, the purging phase finally begins. Your underarms are starting to detox from built-up toxins, bacteria and chemicals. 

Most people would agree, we didn’t sign up to be a funky mess once we decided to go natural. So, you end up doing one of three things: reapply your natural deodorant, which in most cases is just a temporary band-aid. The possibility of you stinking more is actually high. Others try switching to another natural deodorant, assuming the old one wasn’t working. By the way, only to find the same results – persistent body odor.

Or lastly, give up altogether and go back to the chemical deodorant that never betrayed you. The truth is, your natural deodorant didn’t betray you; your body did. It sold you out and spilled all the tea – in this case – all the toxins.

Less smelly, but more sweaty

Week 3

How could natural deodorant be making my odor and perspiration worse? This is the line I uttered to myself when I was going through my transition. It’s now week 3, and you are still experiencing side effects. The reason is your body is still going through the purging process, and to get rid of toxins & bacteria, you may be sweating more. 

Also, now would be an excellent time to clarify the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant. In short, deodorants provide odor relief, and antiperspirants block your sweat from reaching the surface of your skin. In my previous blog post, 5 Things to Know About Natural Deodorants, I go more in-depth with this topic. Check it out here     

So, what you are experiencing is your body sweating as it’s intended. Freely and uninhibited. Your natural deodorant will not hinder this process as its main task is to curb odor – only. It essentially allows your body to continue to go through its detox from aluminum and other chemicals.

I’m starting to feel normal again

Week 4

Congratulations! You made it to the end of your transition period. You begin to feel like you are getting back to your old self; the odor is becoming less every day. At this point, your body should fully adjust to your natural deodorant. All these extreme symptoms are temporary and require time for your body to adapt and rebalance.

For some, this journey is riddled with anxiety and fear. I remember feeling uncomfortable and, ultimately, embarrassed in public situations. But this was mainly a result of me not knowing what to expect.

Now you’re armed with the information and won’t have to go through the transition period in blinded knowledge and be caught off-guard as I did. This information also allows you to better plan out your transition: from the tools you need to survive it, for instance, on-the-go deodorant wipes. As well as the time of year to initiate this change, the cooler months are typically the best times as we tend to sweat less.

Switching to natural deodorant made easy

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