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Smelly Armpits Even With Deodorant

Have you ever experienced smelly armpits even with deodorant on? While a range of factors from diet, stress to hygiene may be the culprit, it simply could be your deodorant’s fault. We’ve gotten tons of questions regarding our deodorant toner (we are the first brand in the U.S to engineer one), so today we will take you through process of odor production and introduce you to a new way to protect your underarms.

First, let’s tackle how armpit odor comes about

One word: bacteria! This is the culprit. Typically moist, dark, and warm is the ideal condition for bacteria to grow, and our underarms can make a great host. When the bacteria interacts with sweat, it breaks down and form products called thioalcohols, which have scents comparable to sulfur, onions or meat. Sounds pungent- very pungent. The thioalcohol molecules evaporate from the underarm, which is what makes the armpit smelly. According to a journal published on July of last year, Staphylococcus hominis is one of the worst offenders.

So are deodorants useful?

The short answer is yes and no. To simply put it, traditional – that is the conventional, drugstore, chemical-based- deodorants just mask the stink. So what ends up happening is over time your body gets used to the deodorant. This is the main problem with these deodorants: the provide a temporary band aid versus dealing with the root cause.

Ok, how does a deodorant toner work?

We wouldn’t be who we are if we didn’t offer this gentle reminder: Deodorant does not block pores to inhibit perspiration (that would be an antiperspirant). Natural deodorants work by eradicating the odor causing bacteria. By killing the bacteria, your sweat has little-to-nothing to interact with and, thus limiting the odor production. It’s important to note that not every natural deodorant works for everybody; it’s important you to understand how they function and really find what works best for you.

When you throw the benefits of a toner into the mix, a genius magic is created. Adding this element not only banishes bacteria, but also regular exfoliation helps prevent ingrown hairs, and also works to lighten any hyperpigmentation or “armpit shadow.”

Another important aspect is pH balance. An alkaline surface makes the body more prone to bacteria, which is the culprit behind underarm odors. Your pH level must be either neutral, mildly acidic or mildly alkaline for your natural deodorant to work well with your underarms.

Got it. So I want to try a deodorant toner. Which one should I use?

You may be considering marrying your natural deodorant and a regular face toner, but we have made it super easy for you. Our Paw Paw Yo deodorant toner is uniquely crafted to combined the benefits of both deodorant and toner. It’s light weight formula is hydrating so it wont strip your skin. This gentle yet potent formula will exfoliate your underarms leaving you with smooth, radiant skin. And the big bonus? No smelly armpits even with deodorant.

Still have questions? Our customer service team is happy to work with you and can be reached via email.

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