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6 Key Benefits of Aluminum Free Deodorant

There 2 main reasons why we use deodorants: odor prevention and sweat control. But do you know that you absolutely don’t need aluminum to accomplish these two things. It’s easy to feel skeptical about switching your beloved toiletries for an something new. But the key is to first understand how natural deodorants work, this way […]

Smelly Armpits Even With Deodorant

Have you ever experienced smelly armpits even with deodorant on? While a range of factors from diet, stress to hygiene may be the culprit, it simply could be your deodorant’s fault. We’ve gotten tons of questions regarding our deodorant toner (we are the first brand in the U.S to engineer one), so today we will […]

The Key to a Successful Natural Deodorant Transition

Image of a woman's left armpit to highlight armpit detox

For many active women, the thought of natural deodorant transition can be downright scary. For many years you relied on Dove antiperspirant or Lady Speed Stick, and now you ready to make to make the switch. But, you’re hesitant, even with knowing all the benefits of switching to a natural deodorant, because you’ve heard about […]

Switching to Natural Deodorant: Know Before You Go

what you should know before switching to natural deodorant

Switching to natural deodorant isn’t a seamless process, as one might think. It’s a journey; one that has highs and lows. Picture a two-year-old toddler throwing an epic tantrum because you took their candy away in exchange for fruit. This reaction is precisely how your body responds to your audacity to remove the toxic routine […]

Non Toxic Deodorant – 5 Things To Know

Do non toxic deodorant products really work?

Do natural deodorants work? Is a non toxic deodorant effective as the conventional ones? There’s always a great deal of skepticism when coming to trying something new, so I can only imagine how unsure you might be to try natural deodorants. Whatever the reason, you are curious about natural deodorants. You have been dying to […]